Formed in 1996, Self Health Enterprises is a Sussex based company offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of nutritional supplements in the country. The company first rose to prominence ten years ago when it was appointed the official distributor in the UK and Germany for Dr Hulda Clark’s detoxification products and books. Covering everything from kidney and liver problems to ridding the intestinal tract of parasites and unfriendly bacteria, Dr Clark’s products quickly achieved prominence in nutritional and natural medicine fields.

Following on from this success the company began to source high quality supplements from around the world. Purity of ingredients was of paramount importance and the company set high standards for quality control. As more health practitioners and public approached Self Health for natural solutions to physical problems, the company also began to incorporate other detoxification products into its range as well as cutting edge formulas for various conditions.

Amongst some of the unique products Self Health distribute in the UK currently are a
nanonised form of Chlorella, organic and very effective in removing metal toxins; a special form of water called Plato H20 that can achieve up to 30% more hydration of the body’s cells; an extremely pure form of fish oil that provides a very high yield of Omega 3, and a host of other hard to find vitamins, herbs and amino acids. Additionally the company provides all of the normal everyday vitamins and minerals, everything from Vitamin C to multiminerals.

Today Self Health Enterprises enjoys a customer base stretching around the world and continues to add to its catalogue of natural supplements. With several different forms of a nutrient usually available, there is normally a product suitable for everybody. The goal of the company is to offer total solutions for natural health , whether it be boosting energy levels, balancing hormones, addressing stress, cleansing the body of toxins or whatever, and this they feel they have now achieved. No matter what the particular requirement is, Self Health  Enterprises have resources to address it and there is always a practitioner available to answer questions at the end of the phone line. With 10 years of experience behind them the company continues to raise the bar in offering the best in natural nutrition.

Self Health Enterprises Ltd.,
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Total solutions for natural health
published: 29th July 2006
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